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Pay Per Quote Request - No up front expense

Note – a quote request is the next step after lead generation - it is qualified

domyquote researchers verify the contact details and project requirements of qualified DoMyQuote requests in your business field, before delivering details directly to your email address.

Your Return on Investment will be significantly higher than with all other traditional advertising media. All you'll pay for are qualified, business quote requests.

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Here is how DoMyQuote works

What You Do

1. TELL US what you supply

From the Sign up for a FREE listing, select the category or multiple categories you supply with your company and your or the decision makers details. Accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy and ENTER TO get started now.

2. WE SUPPLY request for quotes

Subject to you agreeing to purchase quote requests that match your details of product, service and location, we will forward via email with a PayPal credit card request.the Buyers requirements. Buyers business name and contact details are not documented.

3. YOU GIVE us your quote

You don’t have to accept the quote; you accept it by accepting the PayPal link which is immediately acknowledged by email from PayPal to both DoMyQuote and you the Supplier.

4. WE SEND customer quotes

You forward the quote to DoMyQuote with the reference number unless requested to forward directly to the Buyer. We forward the quote to the Buyer and follow up the status. If an immediate service the customer is contacted direct by the Supplier.

5. WIN WORK! Too easy

As only one Supplier will generally win the job, each Supplier will be notified of the results and the name of both the Buyer and the winning Supplier, saving both Buyer and Supplier time with follow up. The winning Supplier deals directly with the Buyer.

Ring or email DoMyQuote on 1300 360 890 or to discuss any questions you might have and if you're ready to get qualified leads nowwe can confirm prices and commence growing your leads...

How our researches generate quote requests

We research company information that represents buying opportunities in the following media news and then contact the decision makers for their immediate requirements, not as most marketing is directed to a single product or service that may not be in their budget.

Acquisition activity may include office relocations, new key executive appointments, implementation of new business strategies, a company restructure, major expansion etc.

Appointment of senior positions which includes decision-making roles which may reflect a change in how a company conducts its future business.

Company News of their future plans, such as corporate restructures new strategy, recruitments, retrenchments, change in focus or direction etc.

Expansion in another state or country area, increase its product/service range; launch brands or products into other regions or more staff to cope with demand.

Financial Reporting profit increases indicates a company may look at investing additional funds in future activity and growth, in people, products or marketing. Profit decreases suggest improving its business operations.

Floats raise funds to be channeled towards further company expansion or investment.

Product Launches signal current or future company activity, and are generally publicized and supported with a related marketing activity.

Mergers can result in a name change, office relocation, staff retrenchments or increases in staff, new corporate logos, designs, operational changes, plus senior executive appointments and departures.

Multinational company establishment into Australia is a significant supply opportunity including recruitment drives. Office furniture Openings signify company expansion activity and may involve the recruitment of new staff members.

Relaunch re-releasing a product or a service, returning to a particular market, or undergoing a refurbishment and re-open, usually fuelled by significant investment.

Rollouts indicate major expansion plans and are a strategy of significant investment, or have a marketing focus, with a new logo or new brand strategy.

Vacancies for an existing senior role, this could indicate that company activity relating to the role is suspended until a new appointment is made.

Main reference
The main area is with our buyers and suppliers, each are involved as both a buyer and seller and see the advantages of working with DoMyQuote.

Most Important – Business to Business referrals from our Buyers and Sellers.


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