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Buyer FAQs

We have made it our business to understand what is helpful for business when looking for products or services. Our researchers match your buying requests with suppliers that can satisfy your request.

To find the best manufacturer, distributor, specialist, trades person or contractor in your area of requirement, a Buyer submits a brief description (on the PROVIDE your details page) and under the Product or Service categories enters their Quote Request. They Accept the Terms and Privacy policy, then Submit. This forwards these details (via email) to the DoMyQuote researchers. If the details aren’t qualified or you request a call to qualify, one of our researchers will ring and assist to qualify your expectations

Suppliers are screened before being included in our network.

DoMyQuote verifies your requirements and forward to the suppliers that best match your needs and that have met our requirements.

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l Here is how DoMyQuote works

What You Do

1. TELL US what you want

Enter in the space bar I’M LOOKING FOR the product or service or go to view all categories which list all PRODUCTS and SERVICES and select from there. If not listed go to contact us and advise us of your requirement.

2. PROVIDE your details

Besides your contact details, provide a budget figure of your expectations or if you have previous quotes a price that you would like to meet- if you have no idea – enter a guess and we will further qualify. To protect your interests it’s a requirement to accept the Terms and our privacy agreement.

3. WE FIND you three quotes

On receiving your details and request, we match your requirements with Suppliers in our records that have previously met with Buyers requests and received favorable results or we seek new Suppliers that will match the requirements and agree to the privacy and Suppliers Terms and Conditions to ensure superior service and support.

4. WE SEND you free quotes

If for a Product or Service requiring quotes, we forward to you the best three quotes that we can source without supplying your details to the Suppliers. You can deal directly with them or organise future demonstrations or further product information through our Researchers, via email follow up.

If for an immediate service such as an electrician your details can be forwarded directly to the company for them to contact you directly.

5. YOU SAVE time and money

Order or Cancel the quote request or if delaying the decision inform DoMyQuote via email or phone and we will inform Suppliers.