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Reach decision maker

Targeting is to the Owner, MD, Financial Controller or relevant controller of the purchasing decision.

Sales team focus on closing not prospecting

The sales team can increase face to face contact with qualified buyers not having to search for prospects.

Quote requests are qualified

The majority of quote requests are from clients with a genuine need rather than from being telemarketed to create a need. All requests are also confirmed by DoMyQuote. If quote requests do not relate to your products or services they do not have to be accepted. There is no guarantee that all quote requests will result in sales or service; however the closing percentage is superior on a cost per qualified quote basis.

Quick customer response

Request for quotes are offered within four business hours of receipt, if your response is not received within the requested time frame a reminder is forwarded.

No disruption to business

Quote requests are supplied by email, with no disruption of business with phone calls and less chance of not being recorded. If not accepted a request to know if it had been received and that there is an interest or not is followed up.

Can put quote requests on hold

If workload is too busy or the sales team or workforce can't handle extra business can decline opportunities until there is renewed capacity.

No need to chase up clients

All quotes are forwarded to buyers via DoMyQuote to save doubling up and work by the buyers, if further details or status on the quote is required this will be requested, The status of the quotes is monitored by DoMyQuote if the quote is successful or lost this also will be on forwarded. Success ratios as against similar businesses can be obtained after a history is available.

No middleman deal directly with winning supplier

Once an order is placed, all contact regarding the winning quote is direct, no middleman.

Saves time

More time can be allocated to closing sales and providing goods and or services as the requests are from buyers not lookers.


Only pay per Quote Accepted

No other investment requirements, only pay for what is received and quoted.

Cost Effective Quote Generation

Traditional and general advertising is allocated plus search engine optimization and research techniques to generate quotes which suit many industries therefore reducing the overall costs of marketing.

No ongoing commitment

There is no commitment to purchase quote requests.

Return on investment

Return will be significantly higher than traditional marketing- media, canvassing and telemarketing and only pay for qualified quote requests.

Within company budget

Can allocate a monthly budget for the quantity of quote referrals or take whatever is offered that meet requirements.

Cost effective marketing

The cost of the quote request is shared with sometimes two other qualified suppliers to reduce marketing costs- considering that business like to compare quotes. Rather than three individual companies each seeking and paying the marketing costs, it is shared.

Limited risk

No upfront set up costs, risk is less than any other marketing or prospecting. If it doesn't work can stop at any time, no commitment.

No further payments

On winning the quote there are no further commissions over the cost of the quote request payable, all profits are retained by the supplier.

Quantity when required

Can ramp up certain marketing research activities to reach targets, this is negotiable.

Effectiveness is measurable by success

If a quote is not raised there is no charge, if it is and there is no result this quote request is still chargeable. Statistics of quote cost per sale is easily monitored.

Can terminate at any time

Unless there is a separate agreement to provide a special marketing campaign, the offer to supply quotes can be terminated at any time by not receiving or providing quotes.


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