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saving you Time & money

Your time is saved - No need to search for suppliers, provide details, checking references,

Domyquote is totally free

Only one request for quote details required if insufficient information our Researchers will contact you.

Requests are immediately acknowledged -an email is returned acknowledging your request.

Qualified suppliers receive your request and our researchers monitor all responses.

All supplier qualifications and references are checked plus privacy and confidentiality agreements signed

Up-to three quotes are forwarded from the most appropriate suppliers meeting your requirements.

There is no obligation if the service is not required, the request can be cancelled.

Your contact information is only with DoMyQuote and the selected suppliers 

See your Quote Request recorded under Quotes in the website to re-confirm your requirement.

There is no obligation to purchase from the quotes supplied.

Quotes supplied within your requested budget

Budget figures are requested to ensure suppliers will quote within that budget.

Like for like comparisons of quotes as the same information is forwarded to all Suppliers

Quotes include fair pricing and include good service and support

Suggested suppliers in most cases have a history recorded and references available.

Quotes available from all over Australia and overseas - not limited to local suppliers 

Relationship continues built on research, trust and performance

Suggestions for improvements and comments on suppliers performance is appreciated 

Deal directly with the winning supplier not through DoMyQuote there is no middleman

Receiving continuous follow-up calls from numerous suppliers ceases

Most company purchasing can be through one source

For future quote requests just  log in, email or by phone your contact detail are recorded.

Note – as a buyer if you have goods and services that you market go to the Benefits of being a supplier and see if there are opportunities to market your goods and or services.


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  • Upsizing or Downsizing
  • Expanding to other locations
  • Existing Supplier(s) over charging or not performing

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