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The DoMyQuote mission is to source new buyers and suppliers, helping both identify, plan, develop and enhance their activities and maximize the benefits offered.

DoMyQuote Pty Ltd was incorporated in September 2008. ABN 99 133 198 651

The site went live in December 2008 and received its first quote request, it then had to find its first supplier.

From this initial quote request thousands more have been received and over three thousand suppliers have registered on the site. 

The site is continually adding new ideas and improvements to assist both buyers and suppliers..


DoMyQuote aims to build a reputation of satisfying buyers needs, continually building a database of fully quailed suppliers with a history of good pricing, service and support who always meet the high quality requirements expected by buyers utilising DoMyQuote.

To simplify this marketing buyers only fill out one registration form with their details which is recorded and all future requests for quotes are only a request form or email away saving time and money.

DoMyQuote saves buyers from dealing with numerous suppliers, each requesting information, providing and adjusting quotes then regularly following up prior to, then after the product or service is delayed, cancelled or purchased elsewhere.



DoMyQuote researchers find company growth opportunities then enhance these with contact information and research to turn into a qualified suppliers opportunity.

Researches qualify supply opportunities that don’t only provide useful information on the buyer’s company requirements and who to contact, but also a valid reason to make contact and provide a relevant and informed request.

All this research information is structured into a qualified request for quote, presenting suppliers with a business opportunity to assist in  reducing marketing costs by receiving requests for quotes rather than having to invest time and money in other marketing expenditure. Suppliers gain the benefit of not having to follow-up quotes saving buyers repeated follow up calls and allow time to service existing and new clients. 

Quotes are provided when a buyer is the most receptive to receive.

Our history of quote requests is recorded providing knowledge of both buyers and suppliers requirements and business practices.

Areas Covered


DoMyQuote accepts quotes throughout Australia. Suppliers are asked if they will accept quote requests from 10, 20, 30,100 kilometres from their postcode or cover a particular State or the whole of Australia.


  • Categories

We have indexed most categories that are found in a Profit & Loss account to ensure that buyers and suppliers can source all their requirements from DoMyQuote.


The best marketing in any business is existing customers / clients and the referrals that they generate, DoMyQuote is totality dependant on:

I. The satisfaction of buyers who place more requests for quotes and recommend DoMyQuote to their associates.

II. Suppliers who continue to receive more qualified requests because of the quality of the quote requests accepted.


Business cannot succeed without revenue, this is a complimentary service for buyers, DoMyQuote revenue is generated from satisfied suppliers. A small marketing fee is requested for each request for quote that is generated by our marketing on behalf of suppliers.

DoMyQuote aims to supply three competitive quotes we divide the cost of marketing these quotes between the suppliers reducing  overall marketing costs.

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