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TPD Insurance

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TPD Insurance


TPD Insurance or Total and Permanent Disability will render a lump sum payment when it happened that you suffered an illness or injury which entirely and permanently prevents you from working again.


There are two general definitions of Total and Permanent Disability:


Own Occupation - The insured must present that he or she has a total and permanent disability that prevents them working in their own occupation which they disclosed when applying for this cover. "Own Occupation" is a more broad definition of disability, because even if you can work in another occupation, you may still be eligible to receive disability benefits. Because it is relatively easy to qualify for benefits under this definition of disability, insurance companies are limiting the availability of this type of coverage. Own occupation coverage is often more expensive, and may only be available to individuals who have a clean medical history and work in a relatively risk-free occupation.


Any Occupation - The insured must establish that he or she is totally and permanently disabled and is unable to work in their usual, or any other occupation for which he or she is reasonably suited by their education, training or experience. "Any Occupation" is often the cheaper option, however it can be more difficult to meet the requirements of this type of disability definition.

Some insurers have a third definition available to clients - a "Homemaker" definition. Payment of benefits under this definition would be based on the provision that the insured, through sickness or injury, is unable to do any normal physical domestic duties and will never be able to effective again.



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