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Starting a New Cafe

Receive Obligation Free Quotes from up to 3 Qualified Suppliers


DoMyQuote will help you get started, print it out and highlight the categories that you need to start  - add them to your budget.


For instance, you are taking over an existing cafe, most probably all of the products or ingredients are already in place, however, maybe you are in need for professional services? DoMyQuote can organise quotes against the existing suppliers and reduce your fixed and variable expenses. Call 1300 360 890 and we offer our experience - yes it's free. 





What do you need to start your business - an idea - a market - DoMyQuote



Accounts         Need good advice on whether to work as a sole trader, partnership or company, need advice on setting up your accounts and software?

    Accountant     Accounting Software    Bookkeeper         

Communications         Don’t miss any reservations – ensure you have the best value telephone system and voicemail with the best value carriers for your internet, mobiles and fax.

   Internet    Landline Carriers    Mobile Carriers    Telephone Service    Voice & Data Cabling    Electrical Cabling

    I.T Support    Network Installations
Finance           Need extra working capital- why pay cash when we can organise finance or hire equipment
    Lease Rental    Superannuation    Financiers
Insurance        There’s no way around this one you have to have insurance
    General Business Insurance    Professional Indemnity Insurance    Vehicle Insurance     Workers Compensation
Legal   Need legal advice regarding a lease or staff working agreements?
Marketing of your business is critical; you may be looking for a logo, menu, mailers, advertising sign for your vehicle, what about a website and domain name?
    Web Site Developers    Printing Companies
Staffing – looking for staff either temporary or full time- we can find the best HR companies that charge the least amount for these services and provide qualified staff
    Contract Hire    HR Companies    Uniforms
Other Services
    Cleaners    Shop Designer    Glaziers    Painters    Pest Controllers    Plant Hirers    Plumbers
Equipment            Now for the main equipment – do you want to buy, rent or hire
  • You need to have the back office equipment DoMyQuote helps you work professionally
  • Faxes & Printers   Telephone System   Cash Register   POS System   Computers & Software   Office Furniture   Office Storage   Photocopier                                                                                                                                                                  

Fixtures Fittings                                                                                                                                                                                 Air Conditioning   Lighting   Racking & Shelving   Security Equipment   Shop Fittings   Utilities (Electricity & Gas)   Vending Machines

  • Office Equipment - Armchairs   Benches & Stools   Cabinets   Carpet    Mirrors   Sofas   Tables   Side Tables   Televisions 
  • Tables  - Brentwood Tables, Event Tables, Custom made Tables, Coffee Tables, Table bases, Table Tops, Timber Table Tops, Drybars, Side Tables
  • Looking for Custom-made Furniture


    Kitchen Equipment

  • Design, manufacturing and installation of commercial kitchen and layout of workflow.
  • Design, manufacturing and installation of cold, ambient and hot food displays.
  • Design, manufacturing and installation of kitchen exhaust hood, ventilation and filtering systems.

Refrigeration and Cold Storage Equipment

Bar Refrigerators   Blast Chillers   Bar Freezers   Blast Freezers   Fridges   Cold Displays   Drinks Refrigerator   Cool Rooms   Freezer   Freezer Rooms   Glass Door Ice Crusher   Freezers   Ice Dispensers   Pizza Refrigeration   Refrigeration Displays   Ventilation

Kitchen Cooking Equipment

Bakery Equipment   Blenders Chip Warmer   Combi Steamers   Convention Ovens   Conveyor Toaster   Cheese Grater   Cook Tops   Chicken Rotisseries   Chinese Wok Stoves   Crepe Machine   Deep Fryers Heat Lamp with Cover   Donut Fryers   Hot Food Display   Griller & Toaster   Gas Cook tops   Gas URNS   Hot Dog and Bun Warmer   Kebab Cookers   Microwave Ovens   Meat Slicers   Mixers   Oil Filtering Machine   Pizza Ovens   Rice Cookers   Salamanders   Satay Cooker   Soup Kettles   Steamer   Stoves   Pie Warmers   Plate Warmers   Pizza rollers   Scales   Sinks   Vegetable Slicer Cutter   Vacuum Sealers

Washing Equipment

Dish Washers   Dishwasher   Glass Washers   Glass Washer Racks   Pre-rinse Washers   Salad Washer Drier

Drinks Equipment

Boiling Water Units   Coffee Percolators   Coffee Machines   Hot Water Urns   Juicers   Water Cooler

Display Kitchen Equipment

Cake Covers   Carvery Station   Chaffing Dishes   Chocolate Fountains   Cake Display   Dehydrators   Drink Dispensers   Delicatessen Displays   Food Processors   Gelato Displays   Heat Lamp Covers   Glass Door Griddle   Fluorescent Heat Lamp Assembles   Heat Lamps   Ice Cream Displays   Infra Red Heating Assembles   Lighting Assemblies   Milkshake Machines   Plates   Popcorn Maker    Salad Bars   Sandwich Dishes   Stick Blenders   Toasters   Salad Bars   Trolleys


DoMyQuote will find you all the help you need to open a cafe in Sydney   Melbourne   Adelaide   Brisbane   Canberra   Darwin   Hobart   or    Perth with professional advice on how to maximise benefits from your purchases, and show a Return on Investment. Accounting professionals and Tax Accountants are also available throughout NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, ACT and Northern Territory.


1. Describe what you want with as many details as possible.

2. Complete your details and send.

3. Receive responses from suppliers and select the best saving you time and money.


We aim to build a reputation of satisfying buyer's needs, building a database of fully qualified suppliers with a history of good pricing, service and support who always meet the high quality requirements expected by buyers.

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