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Shop Fitouts

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Businesses do not have the luxury of being stagnant. As much as possible, shops and boutiques must always upgrade and update their products and systems. The business institution’s interiors and exteriors are also not exempted from such changes.  Because of this, shop fit outs must always be scheduled regularly.

What are shop fitouts?

Shop fit outs refer to the process by which a business institution reinvents the interiors and exteriors of its boutique or shop. The term could also be used to refer to the first interior design of a business. Shop fit outs are just some of the maintenance routines that businesses often have.

Why is there a need for shop fit outs?

The tastes of the consumers changes over time. Businesses need to keep up with these changes to ensure that they keep their original client base. Shop fit outs also help get new customers as new interiors attract new customers. It makes them curious over the shop or boutique thus taking the time to visit the place.




Shop Fitout services may include:

  • Shop Design and planning
  • Complete and Minor Shop Fitouts
  • Glass Doors and Glazed Shop Partitioning
  • Plasterboard Partitions
  • Joinery and furniture from design, delivery and installation
  • Shop Floor coverings
  • Commercial electrical, data cabling and communications
  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Removalists
  • Vinyl, acoustic and plasterboard suspended ceilings
  • Shelving systems
  • Display Stands
  • Fashion Display Systems
  • Shop Counters & Display Cabinets
  • Slatwall & Fittings



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