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  •           Business Alarms, also known as an alarm system, burglar alarm or intruder alert system, is designed to warn you of an attempt to break into your business and to deter burglars and intruders from entering a property. It alerts when access to an area or premises has been breached and an unauthorised person has gained entry.
  • ·          Safes protect valuables, fire resistant and insurance; choose from different locking devices such as a digital key pad, combination dial or a key operated safe system. Available in an assortment of colours, sizes and shapes. In addition, a Safe can be custom made to suit your requirements.
  • ·          Locks & Keys available for: Glass Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Swing Doors, Wooden Doors, Rotating Doors, with various types of locks: Dead Locks, Electric Strike Locks, Mortice Locks, Digital Locks, Combination Locks
  • ·          Card Printing
  • ·          Access Control to permit or prohibit access to different areas of your premises with access cards (also known as swipe or proximity cards).
  • ·          Biometric (Fingerprint) Access Control
  • ·          Intercoms – with the press of a button it activates a bell/buzzer to alert that somebody requires access. The intercom system will allow you to either view or speak to the person via a receiver. You are then able to permit entry by pressing a button that will unlock the gate or door.
  • ·          Photoelectric Beams are infrared shafts of light that reflect from one camera pole to another and create an alarmed wall of photoelectric rays. If the beam is broken by an attempt to pass through the perimeter, an alarm will sound and the live feed from the camera on the pole will stream an image to the 24 Hour National Monitoring Centre. Speakers that are built into the poles can be used to transmit a message to the perpetrator
  • ·          Electric Fence can be built around your premises and, in some circumstances, added to existing poles or fencing to deter or prevent entry. Taught wires are strung horizontally a set distance apart. An electric current is regulated at a low level voltage which, if touched, will give a mild electric shock.
  • ·          Cameras CCTV Camera Surveillance view & record activity in areas inside and outside your premises There is a range of different cameras to suit different purposes and environments such as: IP Cameras, Day and Night Cameras, Full Body Cameras, Dome Cameras, Infrared LED Cameras, Infrared Sensitive Cameras, Pinhole Miniature and Concealed Cameras, UFO & Bullet Style Cameras 
  • ·          Security Doors
  • ·          Window Grills


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