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Sales & Marketing Training & Development

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Looking for Sales & MarketingTraining & Development DoMyQuote can organise a Free Diagnosis and Consultation

DoMyQuote can organise for a one hour consultation, absolutely free and use a SALES DIAGNOSTICS assessment tool which helps identify problems, bottlenecks and targets for improvement.


Sometimes, leaders need a trusted advisor, outside their immediate environment, to partner with them in confidence and work through ideas, plans, problems and emerging sales issues.

The LINK between what management wants (execution of plans) and what sales people (actually) do. An effective Sales Process defines a company’s customers and prospects and the prescribed steps that sales people will follow to acquire, maintain and grow these relationships. This gives sales people direction nd significantly increases productivity. 
The failure to develop a Sales Process results in sales people who are unclear about how and where to invest their selling time. Not surprisingly, management ends up frustrated by the lack of results. 





 DoMyQuote organises for specialist training organisations to helps business:
  • Improve the quality of selling and prospect conversion
  • Moving from reactive selling to proactive business development
  • Improve selling time
  • Win more tenders and contracts 
  • Successfully implement a Customer Relationship Managementt application by finding the right fit, customising it to their Sales Processes and enabling high user adoption rates

A business vision starts in the leadership of a company and flows through the organisation, infusing managers and employees with direction and purpose. This enables them to spend their time efficiently working on their part which contributes to the whole. 

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
Sales Planning enables you to convert your vision into an actionable plan in the following areas:


  • Sales Problem Diagnosis
  • Partnering with Senior Exectives
  • Covert vision in to milestones and objectives
  • Guidance on setting 12 month targets based on objectives
  • Reporting hierarchy and sales force structuring
  • Assessing optimal sales head-count
Developing portfolios and territories for optimal sales coverage
People are your greatest asset. It is essential that they are recruited, trained and rewarded to successfully execute your Sales Process and achieve your Sales Plans.
Among the top issues facing Sales Management in Australia today, is people retention and sales productivity.
  • Develop a sales training programme for your Sales Process to set up sales people for success
  • Develop reward and recognition programs that increase productivity and employee tenure
  • A culture of accountability
In addition to the first three stages of Sales Planning, Sales Process and Sales People, management must prioritise the practice of inspecting, coaching and creating a culture of accountability. This ensures continuous performance improvement and sustainability of results.
Well managed teams have well defined sales standards and policies which are understood by all and upheld by management. They also have frequent progress checks and periodic performance reviews which enable managers to identify areas of improvement while recognising areas of achievement.
Performance management practices differentiate the average from the excellent.
DoMyQuote training companies help convert the sales team into a sales force by:
  • Implement Performance Management practices
  • Develop sales standards and policies
  • Improve individual and team performance
  • Coach Sales Managers to motivate and manage their sales force

DoMyQuote will find an Sales Trainer with professional advice on how to maximise benefits from your Sales Training  requirements, and show a Return on Investment. Our Sales Trainers train in  Sydney  Melbourne  Adelaide   Brisbane   Canberra   Darwin   Hobart   and   Perth and also train in regional areas of NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, ACT and Northern Territory


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