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Quality Assurance Management

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Quality Assurance and management system standards




What is a formal management system?


A formal management system is a documented plan of how you will run your business. Often a formalised management system will consist of policies and procedures, forms and training.

A management system does not need to be large and bulky, or overly complicated.

A management system should never be a rigid, set of enforced practices that provide little or no benefit to the running of the business.
A management system should regularly be improved to represent the best you are doing at the time. It is actually your own set of standards.

Certification will allow you to achieve the benefits of:

Concise and user-friendly documentation of processes
Facilitate staff training and development 
Marketing aid - image building as an assured and consistent supplier of products and services
Minimise risk of errors and key dependencies in your business
Recognised and eligible for Government and other sizable tenders
Streamlined and repeatable processes
DoMyQuote organise quotes to:
Develop and upgrade management systems that lead towards process improvements
Attaining management system certifications
Ongoing maintenance by conducting internal audits, developing Key Performance Indicators,
Facilitating management reviews, monitoring customer complaints and non-conforming issues.
Our suppliers
Interpret and apply the Standards intelligently with inherent simplicity and flexibility
Find solutions that are practical and tailor-made to work for you
DoMyQuote can provide a number of certification bodies providing 3rd party certification in a variety of disciplines.
Quotes are provided to ensure that the management systems are simple, user-friendly, easy to implement and are driven by the business objectives. There are a number of internationally recognised management systems that DoMyQuote can organise specialist to quote on
  • ISO 9001 for quality assurance
  • QS 9000 for quality assurance in the automotive industry
  • AS 9100a for quality assurance in the aerospace industry
  • ISO 14001 for environmental management
  • AS/NZS 4801 or OHSAS 18001 for the management of occupational health and safety
  • HACCP Warranty for the management of food safety
  • AS/NZS 4360 for the management of risk

System auditing is provided for:


  • Quality documentation
  • Knowledge and understanding of the standards
  • A right approach to standards and legislative compliance
  • Concepts and skills training
  • Organisation skills

Generally, the standards are not easy to read unless you are familiar with their language. However, they offer very practical and useful information on managing each of the disciplines they cover. There are similarities throughout the standards. These similarities allow the standards to be easily integrated into one system for managing the business.


What is 3rd party certification and why seek it?


3rd party certification introduces the principle of independent verification of compliance to a standard.


3rd party certification is mostly important for customers, giving them some assurance that you have planned your operations and that you at least meet a standard.



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