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Project Management Training

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The Project Manager is responsible for everything that is required to make the project a success, whether directly or indirectly.  It is not like a typical hierarchical line managemet role.  The Project manager is at the center of everything relating to the project.  Controlling the contributions of seniors and peers is just as important as managing the work of a team.


It is essential to know the key factors to be an effective Project manager


The Project Manager needs to manage upwards - ensuring that the inverted hierarchy comprising the organisation's leadership and the project sponsors are doing all that is required to guarantee the success of the project.


The Project Manager is also the main focal point for liaison with other department, projects and initiatives within the organisation, taking into account the needs and contributions of other internal groups.


The Project Manager is equally the main point of contract for aspects requiring cooperation and coordination with external parties such as the project's suppliers and contractors, customers, suppliers, regulatory bodies, and other third parties - making sure everything is in place to guarantee success.


The Project Manager has direct responsibility for the activities of all project participants, all project tasks and all deliverables.


Many enterpreneurs with sound business ideas but need help to launch their businesses.  There are also many who are in the first years of their business operations and can use a little support.  Project Managent Trainers may also deal with seasoned companies who want to maximize their employee's talent and skills or do a complete overhaul of their business ideology.  Project Management trainers will train employees at all levels of companies providing comprehensive training, speaking, coaching, and business training services for organizations worldwide.


The course may include:


  • Project Management for triumph
  • Management processes
  • Effective planning
  • Advanced Project Management
  • Assessing project risk
  • How to be a good Project Leader
  • Effective Negotiation
  • Facilition and communication
  • Cost management
  • Requirement management
  • Contract and vendor management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Art of influencing
  • Simulation examination



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