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Presentation Training

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Don't have confidence to speak in public, present lectures or simply give talk on a subject to a group? Presentation training might help ! and DoMyQuote will find them for you !



Presentation skills and public speaking skills are very useful in many aspects of work and life.  Effective presnetations and public speaking skills are important in business, sales and selling, training, teaching, lecturing and generally entertaining an audience.  Developing the confidence and capability to give good presentations, and to stand up in front of an audience and speak well are also extemely helpful competencies for self-development too.  Presentations and public speaking skills are not limited to certain special people, anyone can give a good presentation or perform public speaking to a professional and impressive standard.  Like most things, it simply takes a little preparation and practice.


The formats and purposes of presentations can be very different, example are: oral (spoken), mulitimedia (using various media - visuals, audio, etc ), powerpoint presentations, short impromptu presentations, long planned presentations, educational or training sessions, lectures, and simply giving a talk on a subject to a group on a voluntary basis for pleasure.  Even speeches at wedding and eulogies at funerals are types of presentations.  They are certainly a type of public speaking, and are no less stressful to some people for being out of a work situation.


Aside form presentation techniques, confidence, experience and preparation are BIG factors.


Improve your presentation skills whether you are persuading, educating, or informing.  This higly interactive workshop focuses on professional business communication including preparation, structure, delivery, strategy, use of visual aids, and handling questions and answers




  • Present technical information clearly, concisely, and persuasively
  • Enhance voice projection, articulation, pace and fluency, body language, eye contact, and gestures.
  • Determine audience attitudes and needs
  • Overcome nervousness, anxeity, and any distracting mannerisms
  • Use both common and high-tech media effectively
  • Implement persuasive communication techniques
  • Project control and confidence
  • Plan and develop complete, formalized product presentations around the market forces that affect business
  • Structure presentations to gain maximum effect
  • Use audience involvement techniques to identify and handle questions
  • Set up an on going action plan to improve future presentations




Looking for Presentation Trainers? Why use Do My Quote:

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DoMyQuote will find Presentation trainer who's local to you, we will search in Sydney   Melbourne  Adelaide   Brisbane   Canberra   Darwin   Hobart   and   Perth and also can be found in regional areas of NSW, Victoria,Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, ACT and Northern Territory


1. Describe what you want with as many details as possible.

2. Complete your details and send.

3. Receive responses from suppliers and select the best saving you time and money.


We aim to build a reputation of satisfying buyer's needs, building a database of fully qualified suppliers with a history of good pricing, service and support who always meet the high quality requirements expected by buyers.

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