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A great advantage of digital copier technology is "automatic digital collation." When copying a set of twenty pages twenty times, for example, a digital copier scans each page only once then uses the stored information to produce twenty sets.


Digital technology the copier effectively consists of an integrated scanner and laser printer. This design has several advantages, such as automatic image quality enhancement and the ability to "build jobs" (that is, to scan page images independently of the process of printing them). Some digital copiers can function as high-speed scanners; such models typically offer the ability to send documents via email or to make them available on file servers.


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Low-end copiers also use digital technology, but they tend to consist of a standard PC scanner coupled to an inkjet or low-end laser printer, both of which are far slower than their counterparts in high-end copiers. However, low-end scanner inkjets can provide color copying at a far lower cost than can a traditional color copier.


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Looking for quotes for Multifunction Copiers which include the basic Print, Copy and Scan functions with optional fax functionality as well as networked document storage with security, authentication using common network user credentials, ability to run custom software advanced network scan destinations for data transmission.
Office MFPs usually have moderately advanced finishing functions as options such as duplexing, stapling, hole punching, offset modes and booklet creation.
Office MFPs are almost always networked; however some have optional or standard USB and parallel connections. Most Office MFPs have their history in mid range photocopiers (both colour and black and white), and the print engine is therefore based around this type of technology, however,
Production Printing MFP may also be known as "Print on Demand" devices, or "Digital Presser". This latter term can also be used to refer to the print controller controlling the MFP they concentrate on high speed, high quality output, and highly advanced finishing functionality including book creation with cover insertion.


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