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A patent attorney is an attorney who has the specialized qualifications necessary for representing clients in obtaining patents and acting in all matters and procedures relating to patent law and practice, such as filing an opposition.
Registration as a patent attorney in Australia is administered by the Professional Standards Board for Patents and Trade Marks Attorneys (the "PSB")
Inventions A granted patent provides the owner with the exclusive right to an invention within the marketplace. It is a government sanctioned monopoly provided to the owner to exploit the invention to the exclusion of others. This monopoly lasts for the term of the patent. This term varies with the type of patent sought (between 8 and 20 years). Inventions which can qualify for patent protection is broad ranging, some of which include:
Biotechnology related products   Business methods   Computer and internet based software and processes   Mechanical apparatus   Products and devices
What can be patented? There are certain requirements which must be met under the Patents Act before an invention is considered for patent.  To obtain a patent, the invention must be a manner of manufacture, novel, useful, possess a sufficient level of inventiveness.
Why seek Patent Protection? Obtaining a granted patent adds value to your invention and your business by:
  • Exclusively benefit from the financial rewards flowing from the commercialisation of the patented invention.
  • Threaten and if required bring patent infringement proceedings against an unauthorised user of the invention, protecting its monopoly and market share. Enter your request
Having a patented invention, even in its early stages of commercialisation, will assist your bargaining position in negotiations and in forming relationships with potential partners, venture capitalists and licensees. 
  • ·         The viability, value and potential market share claimed by the patented invention.   
  • ·         A patent acts as a valuable notice of your claimed rights to the invention.  Appropriate patent notices and the presence of patents on the Patent Register act as a valuable deterrent to would be infringers/unauthorised users. 
  • ·         A patent protects the investment in time and resources that you have put into the research and development.

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