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Network Installations

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Network installation options have changed significantly over the past few years. This change is due to the decrease in the cost of hardware components required to support a computer network. Another key factor in the increased interest in this type of network is the widespread adoption of both laptops and desktop computers for personal use. There are four types of home network installation: wireless, personal area network, local area network, and virtual private network.




Managed Data Comms, Office Network Installation and IP Telecommunications


for Property Developers


Fully functional building developments for both residential and business uses are in high demand in the modern market. Clients want to move in fast and hassle free, with all the latest technology pre-installed.


Innovative network design and installation services from CCS Leeds ensure high speed connectivity throughout your property, providing internet ready and installed telecommunications in property developments and buildings requiring network services.


Developer partnerships


Network installation experts can provide managed data communications, cabling, network installations and IP telecommunication systems to any type of building, including existing properties and new developments.

Property development services


  • Managed data communications
  • IP telecommunications
  • Cable setup and installations
  • Managed servers
  • Email services
  • Internet connections
  • Telephone systems
  • CCTV IP monitoring systems


Here are a small selection of property types

  • Student halls and education buildings
  • Managed offices
  • Residential properties/estates
  • Shopping centres
  • Public sector buildings
  • Hotels and leisure developments


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