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Business Energy Tips


Lighting Most offices are only occupied up to 60 hours a week. How many times have you seen lighting on in businesses well after hours? Maybe even yours. The electricity being used to light these empty spaces is not only damaging to the environment but to your profit and loss statements too!

Business Hours Consider how bright your business needs to be. Would a skylight or dimming switch reduce your electricity consumption, yet still keep your business adequately lit? Where at all possible use natural light to your advantage, not only will it save money, your employees will appreciate it. Outdoor lighting can also be minimised during daylight hours using timers or by ensuring employee turns the switch on and off when required. Also, consider installing movement sensors for conference rooms and offices. This is an inexpensive and effective way to reduce electricity consumption when nobody is using an empty space.
After Hours Instead of leaving security lighting on all night, consider using movement or infrared sensors. In addition to reducing electricity, it will alert people when there is something or someone around your buildings. Ensure that the last person to leave turns the lights off and any other equipment that does not need to be on overnight. It may not seem like much for one person to turn a light or computer off, but when it is multiplied by many employees over the course of a year the costs adds up!
Illuminated Signage Signs advertising your business or in-store promotions are an effective tool however is it necessary to leave their lights on 24/7? In many cases a timer can turn signs off during daylight hours and in the wee hours of the morning when there is minimal traffic viewing your signs.
Consider replacing incandescent bulbs in signage with LED’s as well. Not only can this be applied to promotional signage, but also to safety signs such as for emergency exits. LED’s use a fraction of the energy used by an incandescent bulb and will last much longer.
Efficient Bulbs Wherever possible use energy saving lighting such as fluorescent bulbs and LED’s instead of incandescent or halogen lighting. Both incandescent and halogen bulbs consume significantly more electricity and will have a big effect on your power bills.
Should halogen spotlights be important in promoting specific products or services, investigate using low-voltage halogen lights.


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