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Decking & Pergolas, Design & Construction, Horticulture, Paving & Stonework, Retaining Walls, Screens & Lattice Work, Shade Sail Design, Water Features, Decking, Drainage, Outdoor Lighting, Turf, Maintenance Programs 


Landscape Architects determine the placement of buildings, structures and roadways within the landscape. 

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Landscaping professionals offer a wide variety of services including excavation, paving, concreting, installation of irrigation, rendering, lighting, plant selection, water features and decking, amongst others.  Landscaping professionals design the garden, put the project into place and manage the project, and ensure that the various elements of the job are being completed on time. 
 A lot of emphasis is placed on design and planning, with the eventual creation of detailed drawings that show exactly how the garden will be laid out.  The drawings include things such as drainage, what plants are to be used, where walkways will be and so forth.  As well as doing this, the architect will list all of the materials needed for the project.


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There are two elements to landscaping– hardscaping and softscaping.  Hardscaping simply refers to the inanimate parts of the garden such as retaining walls, decks, water features and so forth.  Softscaping is the living part of the garden- the plants, trees and grasses.
When selecting a garden design, it is important to look at all aspects of the garden to ensure that elements are correctly placed. You will need to consider privacy, views and lighting amongst others. 
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