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Investment Properties

Receive Obligation Free Quotes from up to 3 Qualified Suppliers

When selecting Investment Properties DoMyQuote provide you the knowledgeable specialists with not only a good quality investment property but also the service, knowledge and experience to give you confidence.


We can organise a home appointment.

Our listed advisors assess your requirements and financial position. This enables them to determine your potential 'additional' tax rebates which are achievable through residential property investment.
A personalized 'Investment Proposal' is then tailored to suit your individual needs.  Details in the 'Investment Proposal' would show:
 Purchase price of the property investment, confirming the total of all the associated purchase costs including, Legal costs, Stamp duty, Finance costs, etc. DoMyQuote can provide quotes from Professionals to answer all these questions
The proposals would also show how you are to fund the purchase.
The amount of funds needed to support the investment.
A hassle free investment managed by experienced professionals.
History has shown the property market has consistently proven to be a safe long term investment offering:
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Tax advantages
  • High performance
Tax benefits are available to the real estate investor. Real Estate is the ultimate protection from inflation, because inflation works for you, not against you, pushing the value of your asset ever upwards.
DoMyQuote can provide specialists that can start you investing in the right property the sooner you will see the benefits. Investing in real estate could prove to be the investment solution you have been looking for.
Things to look for
  • An established location and be in high demand
  • A quality property.
  • Amenities close by, like; - transport, shops, schools, etc...
  • Strong capital growth potential.
  • Tax effective.
DoMyQuote is not a financial advisor and cannot give you any advise concerning purchases, we cannot recommend property or any form of investment we are a marketing company and can introduce you to advisors that advertise on the DoMyQuote site.


1. Describe what you want with as many details as possible.

2. Complete your details and send.

3. Receive responses from suppliers and select the best saving you time and money.


We aim to build a reputation of satisfying buyer's needs, building a database of fully qualified suppliers with a history of good pricing, service and support who always meet the high quality requirements expected by buyers.

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