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Freight Consultants

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How we can help you reduce costs and improve service


Are you trying to satisfy your cost / service mix by looking at only 30% of the freight service provider market? Nearly 80% of the companies are paying too much for freight.

Freight consultant’s comprehensive experience and knowledge of freight service providers will guarantee cost reduction and service improvement across all transport modes and freight types.


Freight consultants will size your savings opportunity and scope a project at no cost. They may increase freight savings opportunity because of their contacts.  The Freight consultant’s focus is to assist you as follows:

  • Establishing your freight needs
  • Determining the type of services best suited to your needs
  • Assisting in sourcing suitable freight companies
  • Supporting your negotiation of appropriate rate structures
  • They will help you find the right freight company that will provide the right service at the right cost.

Freight Consulting services may include:

Gap Analysis

Freight consultants often find a disconnection between current service standards and the transport services clients are

using to satisfy them. Their initial focus is on verifying standards and identifying the service gaps that have evolved over time. 


Transport Service Specification

Through detailed freight analysis, freight consultants will produce service specifications that satisfy the needs of transport providers to produce high quality and relevant responses. This is achieved through:

  • being highly prescriptive
  • defining and matching operational and service standard requirements
  • providing freight data of the right quantity and level of detail
  • effectively bundling services to leverage the best commercial outcome

Tendering and Assessment


A freight consultant has significant exposure to the capabilities of a broad range of transport service providers operating in all industry sectors. This knowledge is used by the consultants to devise the best strategy for going to market and addresses such questions as:

  • is it best to consolidate or use specialists?
  • do we want a wide or narrow and pre-qualified set of participants?
  • which set of providers represents the most flexible mix of options?

The consultants have comprehensive knowledge of market freight rates and relative competitiveness of service

providers. They will ensure that the right balance of cost and service are achievable through the mix of service providers nominated for inclusion in tendering.


A freight consultant has a range of proven evaluation models to assist clients. These ensure the selection process is comprehensively anchored to the client’s values and standards. They will participate in this process to the extent that the client prescribes.


Contract Negotiation


Freight consultants must have a longstanding reputation in the transport service provider market for its knowledge of operational benchmarks and cost drivers. It effectively leverages these if asked by clients to represent them in negotiations. Service providers are accustomed to responding to prescriptive tender requirements from Freight consultants. This approach forms a strong base for yielding a more transparent and cost-efficient outcome through the negotiation process.




Freight consultants can provide and facilitate an implementation plan that ensures an effective transition. This role can be tailored to any level of support the client prescribes.



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