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First determine the volume you need to process. Typically, low- to mid-range tabletop inserters produce about 4,000 to 60,000 finished pieces per month and as many as 120,000 pieces for the high-end tabletop models. Also examine your needs for inserting, mail piece size allowances and other add-ons including scanning software that can control what is inserted into each envelope.




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Low-volume Tabletop folding and inserting systems are a great solution for the small in-plant. Every business sends out invoices, statements and other correspondence, which must be folded, inserted and sealed. Performing these time-consuming tasks can be costly. Automating folding and inserting can affect productivity and profitability. Most models for the small business market are “plug and play” and do not require training.

Mid-volume Tabletop Inserters In the mid-volume mailing market, in-plants are often in the position of replacing a lower-end folding and inserting system to handle an increase in mail volume. The need for more sophisticated features is typical within a growing in-plant, as well. Many printers make the unfortunate mistake of holding onto old equipment or retaining manual practices, not realizing the negative impact on productivity and accuracy.
In this mid-range segment, there is now technology available that was once reserved for the high-volume market. In addition to greater speed and capacity, benefits of upgrading to mid-volume systems include increased automation, greater flexibility of folding and inserting capabilities and advanced scanning technology. Many of the mid-range folders and inserters on the market now are an ideal solution for in-plants that are growing quickly and need a system that is flexible, easy-to-use and can manage a steady increase in volume.
Advances in technology give in-plants access to features like pre-programming for easy setup, precise control over variable numbers of pages when inserting, expanded folding options and the ability to handle a range of materials. The operational speed promised by mid-range folders and inserters is impressive; throughput may reach 3,000 to 4,000 pieces per hour. These machines can be equipped with extra sheet and insert feeders for added flexibility when executing a variety of custom mail pieces.
High-volume Inserters offer the widest range of features, options and configurations for higher-volume mailers with more complex mailing needs. These high-end systems are designed to handle larger mailings quickly and accurately, including multi-page statements, promotional mail pieces with multiple inserts or credit card mailings. These inserters are ideal for mailers sending financial materials like bills, statements, purchase orders and checks. Marketing materials are also easily processed with the high-volume systems, including targeted inserts, promotions, and direct mail campaigns.



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