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The main responsibility of a personal fitness trainer is to instruct and coach both groups and individuals in various exercises and activities.  They must be able to help their students assess their physical level and encourage and help them set and reach their fitness goals


Personal fitness trainers may include few things like:


  • Motivating clients and team members
  • Assisting clients in breathing exercises
  • Identifying specific training needs
  • Appying first aid procedures
  • Constructing instructional programs
  • Leading various recreational activities
  • Monitoring and communicating client progress
  • Demonstrating each physical activity


Personal fitness trainers also need to be able to apply and teach clients specific nutritional practices.  They must be able to provide students with information and resoources in regards to nutrition, weight control and other lifestyle issues.  Although they will work in various recreational facilities, personal fitness trainers prefer to work with clients on a one on one basis either a gym or in the privacy of a client's home


Fitnes training is in demand these days.  You can see a lot of gyms offering various exercise programs that promise to give you the look you desire.  However, not all exercise programs target to a specific purpose alone.  Instead, a group of exercises should work hand in hand to make it possible  for the individual to accomplish the desired body he/ she wants.  A combination of the different types of fitness training programs guarantees to give you the best healthy body that you desire of having.  Of course, these workouts should be planned carefully so a well rounded exercise can be given to you.


Depending on your fitness goals that you want to achieve, there are 3 basic types of fitness training to choose from:


  • Aerobics - One of the best and most used types of fitness training is aerobics.  Because aerobics caters to the needs of most people, a lot of individuals prefer having aerobic workouts as a training ground for heavier exercises later on.  Aerobics provides for a healthy heart by increasing the cardiac output that an individual can achieve through its many forms of exercise.  An increased heart rate would lead to better circulation which is needed by all oragns in your body.  If blood flows freely in the circulation, your organs and muscles would recieve the right amount of oxygen that is needed during exercise.  Exercises that are started with aerobics are healthier foir an individual as it prepares the heart for heavier workload during the later course of the program


  • Muscle Building -perhaps the most popular types of fitness training programs today are those which involve muscle building.  These exercises provide for core stability and stretching workouts as well.  The types of fitness training under muscle building provide the body of a leaner muscle mass and stronger large group muscles as well.  The work of the exercises under muscle building is to contract the muscle, fles the bones nad joints, and strengthen every core part of your body.  Among the many types of fitness training, muscle building proves to be the best in keeping a well-trimmed and finely figured body.


  • Weight Reduction - Weight reduction programs are one of the types of fitness training that would enable you to lose weight at a much faster pace.  Those who desire to shed pounds off should enroll on a weight reduction program so that a healthier and leaner body can be achieved.  The types of fitness training under weight reduction would include cardio exercises, fat burning workouts and toning exercises that would help trim your body into the figure that you desire.

Before fitness training is often considered as luxury or status related, but nowadays that we are vulnerable to unhealthy diet, lifestyle and  stressful environment, fitness training are now considered as a necessity !




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