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Data Recovery and Backup

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Understanding Data Recovery


Data recovery poses the last option to recover deleted, lost, corrupt, or damaged files, once local & network backups have failed.  Data recovery encompasses all aspects of recovering bits of data, ranging from automated data recovery software that revives files from the dead to emergency data recovery service performed in a cleanroom environment.


Disk recovery experts are well versed in the special technologies and techniques necessary to extract raw data from failing storage devices, including but bot limited to : replacing read/write heads and relaterd components, drive image, and decoding.  Data extraction enables a hard drive recovery specialist to run a disk recovery tool such as Hex editor to reconstruct the system components.

Data backup and storage requirements are considerable. Organizing this storage space and managing the backup process is what DoMyQuote specialists can provide. A data repository model can be used to provide structure to the storage. There are many different types of data storage devises that are useful for making backups. There are also many different ways in which these devices can be arranged to provide geographic redundancy, data security and portability.

Before data is sent to its storage location, it is selected, extracted, and manipulated. Many different techniques have been developed to optimize the backup procedure. These include optimizations for dealing with open files and live data sources as well as compression, encryption, and de-duplication, among others.


Data recovery Software feature multiple modules designed for more challenging recoveries.

It has automated functions like:


  • Recovery
  • Partition recovery
  • File repair
  • Drive acess
  • Drive repair
  • Sector clonig
  • network imaging
  • Hex editing






Data recovery service has 2 business groups that are expert on Hard drive recovery and Physical failing &  Dead hard drives, Independent Technicians and computer repair companies, they're Data recovey service may include:


  • Recovery services
  • Advance Recovery Solutions
  • Media Recovery
  • Help Centre
  • Online Recovery Services
  • Data Recovery Software

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