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Criminal Law

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Criminal Defence Lawyers practice in ALL Courts and and specialise in the complexities that are involved in criminal law and traffic law appearing in the Local Childrens, District and Supreme Court's throughout Australia.  Defence Lawyers represent a vast number of matters including but not limited to the following matters listed beneath:


  • Apprehended Violence Matters - Defending private and police applications for AVO, Instituting Applications for AVO for victims, Breach AVO proceedings, Variations and Revocations of AVO's
  • Bail Applications - both Local Court and Supreme Court bail applications and variations.
  • Commonwealth Prosecutions - Social Security Fraud, Importation of Narcotics, Terrorism charges, Tax Fraud, Money Laundering, Telecommunication Offences
  • Drug Matters (State & Commonwealth) - Supply, Possession, Manufacturing, Importation, Cultivation of Prohibited Drugs or Restricted Substances
  •  Homicide and related charges: - Murder, Manslaughter, Malicious Wounding, C

    onspiracy to commit;
  • Other Serious Offences - including Possession of Firearm, Possession of Explosives, Kidnapping, Extortion, Pervert the Course of Justice, Perjury
  • Property Offences - Robbery, Fraud, Larceny, Obtain by Deception, Shoplifting, Malicious Damage or Destroy Property
  • RSPCA Prosecutions - Cruelty to Animal, Failure to provide food, shelter, veterinary care
  • Sexual Assault and related charges - Sexual Assault, Indecent Assault, Possession of Pornography
  • Summary Offence type matters - including Offensive Conduct, Offensive Language, Custody of a Knife or Offensive Implement, Railway Offences
  • Traffic Offences - Drink driving, dangerous driving, speeding and licence appeals., DUI, Drug Driving, Driving whilst Disqualified, Suspended or Cancelled dangerous Driving, Neglighent Driving,Reckless Driving,Predatory Driving,Speeding Offences, Camera Detected, Radar Detected, Street Racing and Burnouts, Licence appeals  
Whether you wish to defend your charges or plead guilty with an explanation to the court, our specialised criminal defence lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help you in the criminal justice system. From your first conference to the finalisation of your matter, the aim  is  to provide you with the most comprehensive legal advice, importantly advice that you can understand in plain language. Representing you and your legal interests to get you the best result at court



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