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When you are investigating the purchasing or selling of a Property or a Business , whether you are using a business Sales Agent or conducting the transaction privately, you will require the assistance of a Registered Conveyancer to assist in the finalization of the settlement of the business.


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DoMyQuote can assist you in the Sale or Purchase of a property or business whether it is the Business only or includes the Freehold of premises  

 It is important if you are contemplating purchasing a property or business that a Contract for the Sale of Business or Property is reviewed by the Purchasers Conveyancer to enable relevant advice about the implication of the business purchase and the information disclosed in the Disclosure Statement which will be provided by the Vendor and/or the vendors Agent at the time of completing a contract for the Purchase.

Conveyancing involves
Conveyance duties and laws in Australia vary between each state and territory. A typical property conveyance process will include:
  • title searches
  • checking for restrictions or covenants on the property
  • arranging payment of fees and charges such as stamp duty
  • preparation of legal documents
  • checking building inspection and pest reports
  • making sure that the property is clear of debt with local council, utility companies
  • overseeing the change of title
  • arranging and attending settlement
  • consultation with lending institutions about mortgages that you will hold over the property
A well drafted Contract will allow a “due diligence period” or an equivalent which allows a prospective purchaser to thoroughly investigate the financial books of the business being purchased or the council history of the property and to make all necessary enquiries to ensure that the prospective Purchaser is satisfied as to the Business or Property they are purchasing – this may allow an additional period of time following the cooling off period for this to be completed but is dependent on what is negotiated at the point of Offer.
DoMyQuote can organise your quotes now to provide detailed advice to a prospective Purchaser who has entered into a contract in the Cooling off period as to what is required by them to be completed during the lead up to settlement.
Best Price Conveyancers will then work with their client in completing all necessary transfers/ assignments of leases etc required to facilitate the settlement.
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DoMyQuote will find a Conveyencer in Sydney   Adelaide   Brisbane   Canberra   Darwin   Hobart   Melbourne   or   Perth with professional advice on how to maximise benefits from your conveyancing Requirements and present a Return on Investment. Conveyancers can also quote for all regional areas of NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, ACT and Northern Territory


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