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Computer Room Monitoring

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How does Computer Room Monitoring System and Services help?


Server rooms can vary from a huge IT suite occupying a whole floor of a Docklands office block down to a cupboard under the stairs in a converted house.  Indeed as computers and other IT hardware becomes more and more compact, the need for space to house then reduces year on year.


What doesn't change is the reliance all business have on the security and availability of their servers and communications equipment to keep their business running.  Indeed as the take up of online sales operations increase that reliance is growing than deminishing.

Server room monitoring has long been a priority for global businesses but it is just as important, proportionately, to a sole trader whose business relies on IT services.  If you run an online store or an eBay shop, even as a sole trader, your business will be threatened if you loose access to your systems, or worse still loose critical product and customer data.


Computer systems are essential to one's business, so if you needf assurance that your IT is secure, in good running condition, and fully functional any time of the day, then it's time to invest on a monitoring system and services.


Computer System Monitoring and Services may cover:


  • Power failures & Back up BBattery conditions
  • High temperature that might cause computers to malfunction
  • Water leaks under floors or in ceilings which may cause electrical faults
  • High humidity
  • Gas Leaks from CO2 computer Room Retardant Systems
  • Smoke & Fire
  • Intrusion & Vandalism
  • Plant & Equipment, faults & Break downs


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