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Building Contractors Alterations and Extensions

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Thinking about building a new home or doing a major remodel? place your requirements and DoMyquote will find you your building contractor!


When planning to build a custom home or a commercial building it is critical that you hire the right building contractor.  If you hire the worng one, you may end up with a poor quality built home or building that might took many more months and dollars to complete than you budgeted for.


To ensure you hire the right building contractor for your custom home or building project you should look for several key attributes in your prospective building contractor, and we here at DoMyQuote will help you qualify the best building contractor suit your requirements and taste.



Building contractor may perform the following duties and tasks:


Examine and interpret client's plans and arrange the drawing of the plans to meet building regulations

  • Submit tenders (offers to dojobs at a stated price), quotes or prices for the project to clients
  • Arrange submission of plans to local authorities for approval and arrange inspections of building work
  • Organise subcontractors to carry out all stages of building and negotiate rates of pay
  • Calculate quantities of materials required for building projects and order these from building suppliers or advertise for tenders
  • Arrange delivery times of materials to coincide woth various stages of the building process
  • Supervise the work of subcontractors to make sure the buildings are of an acceptable standard and are proceeding to schedule
  • Coordinate the activities of office staff involve in the preparatioon and payment of accounts
  • Talk to lawyers and financial institutions on matters ralating to loans and contracts for building projects
  • Undertake some of the builkding work personally                                                                                                  

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DoMyQuote will find you certified Building Contractors located in Sydney   Melbourne   Adelaide   Brisbane   Canberra   Darwin   Hobart   or    Perth with professional advice on how to maximise benefits from your Accounts, and show a Return on Investment. Accounting professionals and Tax Accountants are also available throughout NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, ACT and Northern Territory.


1. Describe what you want with as many details as possible.

2. Complete your details and send.

3. Receive responses from suppliers and select the best saving you time and money.


We aim to build a reputation of satisfying buyer's needs, building a database of fully qualified suppliers with a history of good pricing, service and support who always meet the high quality requirements expected by buyers.

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